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Colors of the Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Auction: A Review of 5 Exquisite Items

June 09, 2018

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Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite auction was an important and highly-anticipated event. Sotheby’s auction house has selected exquisite items, each of which was worthy of attention. Nevertheless, several lots have attracted the greatest attention from the side of the audience.

Ruby and Diamond Ring

Ruby Ring.png

The exclusive ruby and diamond ring sold at the auction. Sotheby’s image.

This ring was the culmination of the event. A unique 24.7-carat ruby in the center of the ring is surrounded by pear-shaped diamonds. Expert organizations have confirmed the naturalness of the stone and its Burmese origin. Its extraordinary characteristics and size, as well as a magnificent antique cut, have attracted a special attention from the side of collectors. According to experts, such gems are very rare and can be regarded as a gift from nature. The ruby is surrounded by 16 diamonds of impeccable purity and clarity. The ring was sold for $11,007,268.

Blue Diamond Ring

Blue Diamond Ring.png

The rare blue diamond ring. Sotheby’s image.

Another valuable item was a ring with a blue diamond weighing 14.18 carats. The distinctive feature of this lot is the Fancy Blue diamond. Importantly, it comes from the Type IIb diamond, which makes it indeed valuable. This is an extremely rare type of gem; therefore, its cost is high. Experts estimated this ring from $5,9 million to $ 7,7 million. The blue diamond in the center is surrounded by small pink diamonds, which makes this composition unusually beautiful. As stated above, this ring was the highlight of the event; nonetheless, it remained unsold.

The Circle of Heaven


The extraordinary jadeite bangle. Sotheby’s image.

Another lot, which experts evaluated highly was a jadeite bangle of emerald color. Its name "The Circle of Heaven" roots in the Chinese culture. This emerald green bracelet has a unique texture, which makes it truly beautiful. Interestingly, jadeite symbolizes prosperity, wisdom, and honesty in the Chinese culture. The name of the bracelet is an allusion to it. Nevertheless, despite the value of the bangle and its rich cultural background, the lot was not sold.

Yellow Diamond Ring

Fancy Yellow Ring.png

Luxurious yellow diamond ring. Sotheby’s image.

The next important item that was presented at the auction is a ring with a yellow diamond. According to the expert committee, the gem is Fancy Vivid Yellow and has a step cut. Two colorless diamonds with pinkish nuances are on both sides of the yellow gem. The unique diamond in the center weighs 30.16 carats, and the ring itself is made of yellow gold and platinum. The ring was sold for $2,843,791.

Sapphire Ring

Velvet Blue Sapphire Ring.png

The rare sapphire and diamond ring. Sotheby’s image.

The last lot in this review is not the most expensive item sold at the auction, but it is necessary to mention this ring because of the rare gem in it. This ring was created by Cartier, and a sapphire of velvet blue color was placed in its center. The sapphire has a weight of 10.18 carats, which is quite impressive. Moreover, this gem comes from Kashmir, which makes this piece of jewelry even more valuable. The beautiful ring was sold for $1,269,004.