Negev Holyland Stamps

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NJ 08650
United States
609-298-2891, 609-456-9508
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Apr 23, 2018
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17% Buyers Premium
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About company
NEGEV HOLYLAND STAMPS was formed in 1978 from the previous Holy Land business known as "MICHAEL H. BALE", which stared in business in the mid-1950. Fifty-four auctions were held under the BALE name. An additional fifty were held under the NEGEV HOLYLAND name. Between 1978 and 1999 the company successfully traded in Holy Land philatelic material, specializing in Postal Bid Auctions held two or three times per year. The company also dealt with Wants lists and occasionally took part in major Exhibitions and also made frequent trips to ISRAEL and the U.S.A., both buying and selling. 

I started dealing as BUTTON STAMP COMPANY in 1997. I purchased the NEGEV HOLYLAND AUCTIONS from Michael Bale in July 1999. Despite popular belief I did not purchase the "BALE" ISRAEL and PALESTINE Stamp Catalogues. These were sold to Chariot Global Marketing Inc. of Israel in 1998. 

Mail Bid auctions are held two or three times a year. NET PRICE SALES are held every other year. I also attend selected philatelic shows in the United States. The table name may be listed as BUTTON STAMP COMPANY/NEGEV HOLYLAND AUCTIONS. Holyland material may not be brought to every show. 

I make every effort to visit Israel every other year. WANT LISTS are welcomed. However, please note that most items are reserved for the auctions. 

Client service and integrity are the most important parts of this business. I strive to deal with all clients, both vendors and buyers, fairly and honestly. I ask all to be patient as I am involved in many local activities. 

If you have material that you would like to place in a future auction and/or Net Price Sale please contact me. Reduced vendor commissions rates may be available. On occasion, I will purchase the material outright.