Dr. Alan Keith HUGGINS, MBE, RDP

Briar Lodge, 134 Berkley Avenue
Chesham, Buckinghamshire
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United Kingdom
+44 1494 772 359, +44 1494 775 741
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Registration date:
Apr 23, 2018
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About company
Year of Birth: 1936

Occupation: retired University Administrator

Languages: English, French

Nationality: British

Expert since: 1980

Member of AIEP since: 2001

Personal Reference Collections: Postal Stationery, particularly Great Britain and Colonies

Personal Forgeries Collections: Postal Stationery

Current Areas of Specialisation: Great Britain:  postal stationery, specimen overprints, line-engraved and embossed issues (stamps and postal history); British Colonies:  postal stationery

Type of Expert: The Expert does not issue certificates but is active as a regular or occasional consultant to philatelists, other experts, organisations or expert committees

The Expert Issues: Opinions

Expertising for Dealers/Auctions: Yes

Estimates/Opinions on Value: Yes

Major FIP Exhibition Awards: Five different Postal Stationery Exhibits (LG)

Main Publications: British Postal Stationery (1970); The De La Rue Punch Book; Specimen Stamps and Stationery of Great Britain (1980); The Telegraph Stamps and Stationery of Great Britain 1851-1954 (2003)

Membership: Honorary Fellow, Royal Philatelic Society London; Great Britain Philatelic Society; Revenue Society; Postal Stationery Society; Collectors Club, New York; Associated foreign member, Académie de Philatélie; Académie Européenne de Philatélie; Académie de Philatélie de Belgique; USPS

Offices Held: Chairman, FIP Postal Stationery Commission (since 1990); Chairman Management Committee of FEPA (1989-1993); Honorary President Committee of FEPA (since 1994); Past President of Royal Philatelic Society London; Past President of Great Britain Philatelic Society; Past President of Postal Stationery Society; Keeper of the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists (since 2004)

Recognition: Roll of Distinguished Philatelists (1983); Member of the Order of the British Empire (1996); Crawford Medal (1981); Lichtenstein Medal (1994)

Philatelic Judging: FIP-Accredited Judge