Christopher G. HARMAN, RDP

c/o RPSL Ltd., 41 Devonshire Place
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United Kingdom
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Apr 23, 2018
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About company
Year of Birth: 1950

Occupation: Insurance broker

Languages: English, (French)

Expert since: 1985

National Expert Organisation: member of Expert Committee of the Royal Philatelic Society (since 1985).

Personal Reference Collections: Great Britain; 19th century Perkins, Bacon issues of all countries; Various South and Central American countries

Personal Forgeries Collections: Worldwide collection, especially British Empire and South and Central America.

Current Areas of Specialisation: Stamps of Great Britain 1840-1971; Perkins Bacon issues of the British Empire 1848-1883

Type of Expert: Individual member of an Expert Committee, whereby the Committee issues collective opinions, but the individual committee members do not issue certificates.

Major FIP Exhibition Awards: Great Britain Revenue Stamps, College Stamps of Oxford & Cambridge (G)

Main Publications: Great Britain - The Stamps of the Circular Delivery Companies and Their Forgeries; various other publications.

Membership: Royal Philatelic Society London; Great Britain Philatelic Society; Collectors Club New York; American Philatelic Society; numerous Societies and Study Circles

Offices Held: President of Royal Philatelic Society London (since 2005); Council member of Royal Philatelic Society London (since 1986); Director of Expert Committee of the Royal Philatelic Society; Past President of Great Britain Philatelic Society; Vice-Chairman of Cinderella Stamp Club.

Recognition: Roll of Distinguished Philatelists (2003)

Philatelic Judging: FIP-accredited judge (Traditional class).

Numerous displays and lectures to Societies.